About Lake Lönern

Lake Lönern forms part of the Ätran river system and is located on the border between the municipalities of Falköping and Ulricehamn. It is a fairly shallow and elongated rift lake with deeper sections in the middle. It is just under 10 km long and covers an area of 560 hectares. Ten or so islands of varying sizes dot the lake. . It tends to be regarded as an attractive lake with its elongated shape and variable width. The numerous islands and the fact that the lake is made up of two distinct halves, northern and southern, add to its appeal. Some of the larger islands offer the possibility of going ashore for a break from fishing. Be sure not to leave any litter behind from your visit.

The lake boasts a wide range of fish species, dominated by pike, zander, perch and roach, and offers excellent and exciting fishing both summer and winter. Lake Lönern is best known for its fine stocks of zander and pike. The pike fishing is generally best in spring and autumn, while zander and perch are more likely to bite in summer. Lake Lönern is also a good lake for bird life, with species such as sea eagles, ospreys and black-throated divers being spotted from time to time. The northernmost reaches of the lake, below Fivlered Church, are considered to harbour the richest bird life. As well as great crested grebes and other common ducks, you may spot species with specific habitat requirements such as shovelers and gadwalls. At certain times of year quite a few waders also stop off here.


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Sustainable fishing

Since we make our living from and live close to nature we feel it is important to safeguard the natural environment – forests, fields and water systems. We conduct sustainable forestry operations on our land, focusing on both production of wood raw materials and consideration for the natural environment. Our farming activities are organic and involve meat production and crop production.

Lake Lönern is important to us and we protect the lake by ensuring our operations are environmentally friendly. In order to maintain good water quality, sustainable fishing and an attractive natural environment, everyone must do their bit. Lönern Turism has an organised waste management and recycling facility. Please dispose of your rubbish there and not in the lake, on the beach or on the islands.

Our hire boats are Linder boats, which are made from recyclable aluminium and have an acknowledged long useful life. The boats are equipped with modern, fuel-efficient Mercury four-stroke motors and external fuel tanks to avoid fuel spillages in the lake.

Lönern Turism is endeavouring to safeguard fishing in Lake Lönern, so please do not catch and kill more fish than can be reasonably used by your household. Any fish caught over and above household needs should be dealt with as per the catch and release method. This means that once caught, the fish should be carefully released from the hook and returned to the lake. Catch and release ensures long-term sustainable fishing.

Catch and release

It’s especially important to return large fish to the lake. Within most fish species it’s the females who grow to be the largest and also the best breeding fish. Returning large fish to the lake ensures better and more sustainable fishing.

Catch and release requires practice and great care not to harm the fish any more than necessary. Be aware that fish that have been caught and then released do not always survive, but may die as a result of their injuries.

Some tips for catch and release!

  • Minimise fighting time and land the fish as quickly as possible. Stress and exhaustion can have a negative effect on the fish’s subsequent ability to hunt.
  • The right fishing gear. Do not use equipment that is too weak for the job.
  • Be prepared with a net, pliers and a wet unhooking mat.
  • Land zander and pike using a gill grip or rubberised net.
  • Ideally remove the hook in the water, if possible.
  • If the hook is in deep, cut off the hook or leader.
  • Ideally use barbless hooks.

The fishing at Lake Lönern is managed by Lönern’s fishery conservation area association (FVOF). The association has, by means of regulations, introduced a number of management methods designed to establish and maintain sustainable fishing in Lake Lönern. These include:

  • Limits on the number of fish caught per day and per person.
  • Size limits for pike and zander.
  • A closed season for zander during spawning season.
  • Limits on the quantity of fishing gear per person.
  • Restrictions on fishing methods.
  • Monitoring of fishing – checking fishing permits and that the association’s rules are being followed.

The association has set up and manages two launching sites on Lake Lönern for private boats on a trailer. One of these is on Lönern Turism’s land.

Buy your fishing permit online via our booking system with iFiske! You can also submit a catch report. These reports are an important instrument for Lönern’s FVOF, since they provide an indication of the status of the fishery. With the aid of the catch reports the association can determine how the fishing should be managed and what measures are needed to maintain or strengthen sustainable fishing.

Lönern Turism is part of the Stepping up Sustainability. Stepping up Sustainability is an initiative in West Sweden for a sustainable tourism industry. We set an example in the transition to a sustainable society.

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