To book a boat (and any accommodation, if required), click the “Booking” button. This will take you to our booking page on iFiske. Here you can select boat, time and date in the calendar, as well as hiring life jackets and purchasing fishing permits for Lake Lönern. The boats, oars and hut with life jackets all have code locks. The code will be sent to you by SMS just prior to the start of your hire period.

Rules for boat hire
  • Boats are hired out either 06.00-14.00 or 15.00-23.00.
  • The boat, motor, life jackets and any other equipment must be returned in the same condition as supplied.
  • In the event of any damage, please contact us before return.
  • Costs to repair damage will be charged to the person who hired the boat.
  • Please contact us if you discover damage to the boat before use or that the boat has not been properly cleaned.
  • Boats should be cleaned before return and any waste disposed of in the rubbish bins.
  • If a boat is returned not adequately cleaned, the hirer will be charged for our time spent cleaning and any loss of hire time for the next guest.
  • Boats and oars must be locked on return as they were before being taken out. Please note how the locking chain and padlock are secured to the boat and jetty. Please note how the oars are secured with a cable and padlock.
  • The boat must be returned within the agreed hire period and to its original berth at the jetty.
  • Transferring a boat by trailer to another body of water is not permitted.
  • Boats must be anchored at our jetty for the night.

You can book a boat from us at a discounted price for a full day or several successive days. Please contact us to book via Messenger or

  • 2 days – standard price SEK 1,600
    With discount SEK 1,280
  • 3 days – standard price SEK 2,400
    With discount SEK 1,920
  • 4 days – standard price SEK 3,200
    With discount SEK 2,560
  • 5 days – standard price SEK 4,000
    With discount SEK 3,200
  • 6 days – standard price SEK 4,800
    With discount SEK 3,840
  • 7 days – standard price SEK 5,600
    With discount SEK 4,480

Boat, fishing permits and accommodation should be booked through iFiske. The booking button takes you directly to the booking page!

If you have any questions regarding your booking, please contact:
Annika Filipsson +46 70 609 2073
Jan Filipsson +46 70 308 3027

Fishing equipment

If you need any additional fishing equipment before arrival, there is plenty of choice from:

Gofish in Skövde
Mariestadsvägen 86
54145 Skövde
0500-48 69 07

Vildland in Borås
Getängsvägen 38
504 68 Borås
070 4937446