Our boats

Our boats for hire are easy-to-handle Linder Fishing 440 aluminium boats equipped with reliable and fuel-efficient Mercury four-stroke petrol motors. The Linder Fishing 440 is suitable for a maximum of four adults or a total load of 400 kg. Linder boats are documented as safe and have been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), an independent foundation that has been providing quality assurance for boats since 1864. The Linder Fishing 440 will stay afloat filled with water with four people aboard and is in principle unsinkable.

Our hire boats are equipped with an anchor, rod-holder and external fuel tank connected to the motor by a hose. The tank contains more than enough fuel for a full day out on the lake. The fuel is included in the hire price and for convenience, the fuel is refilled by us. The boats are anchored in an easily accessible location alongside a jetty close to the car park by the lake.

We naturally recommend that everyone in the boat wears a life jacket. We have life jackets available to hire in a wide variety of sizes. There are noticeboards in the car park with information about the local area and the fishing. We will naturally be happy to help and provide instructions on how to operate the boat and motor, as well as tips about the lake and the fishing.

Boat, fishing permits and accommodation should be booked through iFiske. The booking button takes you directly to the booking page!

If you have any questions regarding your booking, please contact:
Annika Filipsson +46 70 609 2073
Jan Filipsson +46 70 308 3027


Fishing equipment

If you need any additional fishing equipment before arrival, there is plenty of choice from:

Gofish in Skövde
Mariestadsvägen 86
54145 Skövde
0500-48 69 07


Vildland in Borås
Getängsvägen 38
504 68 Borås
070 4937446