• Njut av stunderna vid Lönern. Våra ställplatser bokar du per natt. Perfekt läge precis intill sjön.


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Welcome to Lake Lönern

You can hire a motorboat from Lönern Turism on the northern part of Lake Lönern. You can park up your campervan in a picturesque spot close to the lake and hire a boat for a spot of fishing or just a trip on the lake. Our standing pitches for campervans and caravans are available at a nightly rate. Feel free to combine your stay at Lake Lönern, with other activities such as cycling och hiking.

We can be confident in saying that Lönern Turism offers something out of the ordinary! We combine a lakeside campsite location with fishing activities. We enjoy a tranquil and scenic location beside Lake Lönern, some distance from any public roads. The last two kilometres or so are along a minor but well-maintained gravel track that winds through the forest. Once you reach your destination, the view opens up and the track drops down to the car park and campsite by the lake.

The facilities at Lönern Turism include ready-made barbecue areas and picnic tables to sit and relax for a while, enjoy the view and listen to the lapping water. You can truly escape the stresses of everyday life and recharge your batteries here with us.

“Lake Lönern offers wonderful fishing, beautifully situated between Falköping, Mullsjö and Ulricehamn.”

Fishing Experiences at Lake Lönern

Jan och Annika Filipsson is welcoming you to Lake Lönern in Sweden. You are welcome to book fishing, boat and accomodation!

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